Julie B. Hewitt Attorney at Law


Furniture Mart Building

 Julie B. Hewitt maintains an office on the second floor of the historic Jamestown Furniture Mart Building, located at 111 West Second Street, Jamestown, New York. The Furniture Mart Building, also known as the Furniture Expo Building, was built in 1917 by the Jamestown Furniture Marketing Association to showcase the wares of local furniture manufacturing companies.

 The history of the City of Jamestown is closely linked to the development of the furniture making industry.  Blessed with an abundance of world class woods, and a large population of skilled immigrants, the furniture making business boomed in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  After its construction in 1917, furniture shows were held at the Furniture Mart Building twice yearly.   By the mid-1940?s the Jamestown Furniture Marketing Association was mailing advertisements to over 10,000 furniture dealers and department stores and advertised in a wide variety of trade journals as well as publications like Home and Garden, House Beautiful and The New Yorker. 

 Today glimpses of the grandeur of the Furniture Mart Building?s former days can be seen in the remnants of room displays still visible in parts of the building, the opulent inlaid burled wood paneling of the former association boardroom, and the art deco building entrance.


                                                   Above: Inlaid maple paneling in board room                                                              

     Art Deco entrance                      


Above:  Historic marker on Second Street

Below:  1931-32 Construction of Erie Railroad Station on Second Street, Furniture Mart building in background 

 Erie Railroad engine as seen against the Furniture Mart Building


  Photo taken on Second Street, looking west

 Original building sign

 Photo credit above and below: Jamestown Photo Street Photo