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Developmentally Disabled



Foreign and domestic

Private placement and agency

Foster parent and step-parent

Real estate




 Wills and Trusts

Planning for the elderly

Planning for families of the disabled

Supplemental Needs Trusts

Second marriages

Planning for minors

Living wills and health care proxies

Powers of Attorney

Probate and Administration

             Name Changes

             Vehicle and Traffic Violations

              Child Support

     Child Neglect and Abuse defense 

       Religious Corporation Law 





  Meeting the Legal Needs of Religious Organizations 

When you think of a church you probably don’t think of it as a business.  We all know a church is not a business, but churches do face many of the same legal issues that a business does.  Buying, selling and leasing real estate, banking issues, and governance and organizational issues are all areas that require legal assistance. Julie Hewitt has represented religious institutions for over twenty years, helping guide them through legal issues with a concern for their unique viewpoint and needs.

Expungement Hearings 
                     (Proceedings to Amend and Seal Reports of Child Abuse or Maltreatment)                                                


Being reported for child abuse or maltreatment can have a serious impact on your ability to earn a living, adopt a child, become a foster parent, coach sports, volunteer as a Sunday school volunteer, drive a school bus, provide day care or obtain custody of a child.  If the report is ?founded? or ?indicated? your name will be listed in the New York State Central Registry for child abuse and maltreatment and will stay there until the youngest child is 28 years of age

Sometimes, people don?t even realizes they are listed in the registry until they apply for a job and a background check turns up a report.  If this happens to you, be sure to request a fair hearing right away.  You are entitled to a hearing before an administrative law judge, and the burden is on the social services agency to prove their case against you. Julie Hewitt is a former social services attorney and is experienced in conducting Office and Children and Family Services fair hearings.  She is knowledgeable about the standard of proof required to indicate a case, and the higher standard of proof needed for the agency to maintain the report. She understands the records relied on by human service agencies to make their case, and how to evaluate them.  Don?t go into a hearing alone; contact Julie Hewitt for assistance.


                                    Appellate Cases

In the Matter of Wendi Rowe and Douglas Grooms v. Office of Children and Family Services, Chautauqua County Department of Social Services

Fourth Appellate Department, December 30, 2011 


In the Matter of Chautauqua County Department of Social Services on behalf of Colleen A. Y. vs. Rita M.S. and Kenneth M. Y.  

Appellate Division Fourth Department, April 27, 2012